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“A Monologue Workshop”

Master the Monologue and Get the Gig 

 America's Top Monologue Competition is now having Monologue Workshops. Yes, How to perfect your monologue. Monologues only are our specialty. You can be a jack of all trades and a master of none, or be a master in monologues by building a better skill-set through our intense monologue workshop. Never stop advancing your craft. It is generally known, when we attempt entry into this industry, atleast 2 prepared monologues are necessary for any actor of any age in order to establish oneself.

Students will select and bring their own material that they desire to perfect. Each student will learn how to perfect his or her monologue in a 3hour class session.  Monologues must be 1- 3mintues in length and memorized for class. 

What you will learn:

How to use and select tools from various tried and proven techniques that will help you bring the best performance every time. 
How to techniques that can be utilized in all aspects of acting.
How to always deliver a memorable performance.
How to select practical tools in preparing for a monologue.
How to establish monologue exercises through hands-on training -vs- theory.
 How to concentrate, focus, and relax before your monologue 
How to refine and bring to life your monologue
 And More

After taking this class session you will never have to worry again when an audition comes up.

This class session is a must for:

All actors who need to nail the right monologue at every audition.
Anyone who is insecure about performing the monologues they currently have. 

 Classes are once per month: Every 3rd Tuesday for adults and children (8 and above). 

Length of class is 3 hours in duration 
Cost is $50

Length of class is 1.5 hours in duration 
Cost $25

 Adult and Children Classes are limited by space availability 

We do not offer scene study, auditioning, on-camera screening, and etc… Monologues Only


If your monologue is not memorized you will not be allowed to participate nor afforded a refund.

Participants must show up on time. Only a 5 minute grace period is permitted as tardiness is not acceptable. Those tardy will have to reschedule for the next month class session.


Please note this workshops is non-refundable as we are reserving your place in  class, and acknowledging your commitment to attend. So please make sure you are available. We will be willing to transfer workshop cost to another date; however, only extreme circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring:

Two (2) printed copies of your monologue

Pencil and notepad


Questions please email: