Thank you once again for letting me be a part of the show. It really was a true blessing.I just wish that I had gotten a chance to meet the judges and thank them as well. My father, who normally thinks that my passion for acting is a waste of time, really loved my performance, and that to me is the greatest prize in the world.Thank you for everything once again!

Monologue City Contestant

“ Aliy Ahmed"

#Monologue City 

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As a mom of a child actor, it was hard to find an outlet for my daughter to challenge herself. Then, I came across Monologue City. Wow, I was amazed at all that was involved. I was so impressed by the caliber of the educators in each class! The environment was positive, fun, inter-active and they learned so much. My daughter, Olivia, had a blast learning and doing new techniques and being able to use these techniques in her act as she stepped on stage! Not only did these actors compete for the title of Monologue City they were judged by top industry experts ranging from theater, television, film, coaches and agents. The actors also got great feed back which is golden to an up and coming actor. Lateefa and her team are truly there to help actors see their potential and create an environment that is safe for them to explore their craft! 


Monologue City Parent  

"Tammy Lynch"


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  • Firework3:47

As an actor,I live on the edge on my seat, always taking risks. So when I heard about Monologue City Competition, I was prepared to jump right into the challenge.The three days of rehearsals and workshops were designed for actors to be  prepared as possible. I was ecstatic to be surrounded by artists whose primary focus was and is "the work". The instructors were passionate in their approach to the craft and gave great information, which was vital during the competition. The workshops allowed me to only focus on my character.The monologue that I performed is my favorite dramatic monologue. It tells a story, reveals pain and validates a flawed character.  This is imperative, because an audience wants to see characters with layers, colors and a full emotional life. I was elated to share my work with the Monologue City attendees and my fellow actors. The show, full of supporters and industry professionals was awesome. And the competitiveness of my fellow actors was superb. I'm grateful to Lateefa for creating a positive platform for artists to showcase our talent. And I'm honored to hold the title of Monologue City 2014 BEST ACTOR!

 Monologue City WINNER 2014
“Crystal Lee Brown "